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Whether you need help filing your business registration documents or a step-by-step guide for doing things yourself, we’ve got you covered.

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Trust our knowledge and expertise to find the right information in a clear and concise manner from a single source.

Here Are Some of Our Areas of Expertise

We are experts in all areas of business and can guide you towards the right resources, tools, and service providers.

Accounting Software
Formation Services
Legal Documents
Bookkeeping Services
Business Credit Cards
Credit Cards

Trust our knowledge and expertise to find the right information in a clear and concise manner from a single source.

Our Editorial Policy Ensures High-Quality Content

At SBHQ we take great pride in the quality and accuracy of our content. Our writers create useful, relevant, data-backed content and follow ethical best practices 100%. Our editorial policy rests on three core values:


We create content that our readers can instantly use and put into action. We aim to save you from information overload and provide exactly what you need to make your small business decisions.

Ethical Integrity

We follow the highest level of ethical standards in creating our content. Our content is 100% original, research-backed, and accurate. We cite our sources and give credit where due.


Our writers are experts in their fields and create authoritative content. We strive to create the best content on any topic and become the only indispensable source of information for small businesses.

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Meet Our Founder

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Meet Our Founder

Brett Shapiro is an entrepreneur who has successfully established over 10 different business entities over the last decade.

His level of expertise in business formation and an understanding of what it takes to establish a successful business is unmatched.

A while ago, Brett noticed that there was too much information available on the internet, with only a few sources providing any real value to new entrepreneurs. That’s what led him to start SmallBusinessHQ: to provide a single source of useful information for small businesses.

You can count on SBHQ to provide you with the best information about formation services, vendors, and anything else you need to set up your new business.

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