Editorial Policy

At Small Business HQ, we provide the resources every startup business needs to get through its day-to-day challenges.
Our aim is to eliminate the brain fog from information overload by being the one-stop shop for all your business inquiries.
We’ll meet you at your convenience, with the long and short versions of the answers you’re looking for. Our goal in doing this is to ensure that you find what you need even if you’re pressed for time.
Our editorial policy is rooted in our mission and vision.

Our Mission

Provide just the right amount of information small businesses need to hit the ground running.

Our content is guided by several values that ensure the integrity of the information we provide.

  • Accuracy: The Small Business HQ editorial team is committed to fact-checking and editing every single piece of information that we publish. We ensure you receive the most unbiased, up-to-date, and accurate verified content. We have stringent research guidelines that determine the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of our sources.
  • Audience Engagement: We don’t stop at expert research; we welcome anecdotal feedback from our diverse audience in our product reviews and recommendations. This feedback forms the basis for our case studies and market analysis.
  • Editorial Independence: The partners we work with when writing product reviews do not influence our decisions. We assess every product and hold them to high-quality standards of use, and we review them from an objective standpoint.
  • Clarity: We consider our audience our partners, and as such, we understand their pain points. It is for this reason that our information is tailored towards solving their needs directly. We strive to always get to the point with clarity.

Our Core Principles


We’re transparent about how we make money, which is by earning commission from affiliate marketing.

Companies that provide software for small business owners are our target partners. We provide reviews and make product recommendations for our target audience.

Our primary focus is customer relations management, banking, insurance, finance, and accounting sectors. These reviews and recommendations, however, are unbiased and based on thorough research.


Even after posting content, we still make updates to them if needed. Keeping our audience up to date with any changes in the market is paramount to us, whether it is about updated policies, product upgrades, or new research statistics.


We provide honest and objective product reviews.

We give our audience a holistic view of each product and provide them with comparisons. Based on diverse needs, we then make recommendations and provide viable alternatives.


The partners we work with and the guides we provide strive to cater to small businesses of different natures. This includes minority-owned businesses. We also hire a diverse team of writers and editors.

Editorial Independence

  • Our authors and our team of editors are the brains behind the content we produce. There are no external influences; not even from our partners.
  • We draw our resource recommendations from transparent product comparisons and detailed expert research.
  • For every resource we review, we provide information on how a software solution works, using images and instructional videos. This helps our audience make informed decisions.
  • Since we review different product categories, we make sure to have a wide range of authors and editors with expertise in different fields.
  • The scope of our reviews is diverse, from low-priced products to premium ones so that you can find options within your budget.

Why You Should Trust Us

Small Business HQ conducts thorough research to bring you all-inclusive, in-depth, and reliable content.

We do not take the lazy route by relying on public relations or overpraised feedback from salespeople. Instead, we go to the ground and analyze products based not only on their features, but also on their user experiences.

Using this information which includes expert analytics, client feedback, complaints, and user case studies, we write our reviews.